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Terms of use
All designs, part or whole remain the property of Embroiderymatters101.
When purchasing machine embroidery designs from EmbroideryMatters101, you may use these designs for personal use and to make finished products for your own business.
You may not sell, share, transfer, swap or distribute the embroidery designs in either part or full form in any way.
You may not use any of the embroidery deigns in part or whole form to create digital items such as SVG digital designs to sell, share,swap, transfer or distribute in any way.
If you alter the design for your own purposes in anyway the design is still copyright to Embroiderymatters101.
Any alterations after purchasing these designs are done so at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for the integrity of the design after alteration from its original form, and strongly recommend you do not resize or reshape the original design unless
you have the suitable software to do so as this will result in a lesser quality stitch out.
Special requests for embroidery digitizing are always welcome and fall under the same terms of use as stock embroidery designs.
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